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Writings by Uwe Lück

Science: This site once started presenting two scientific papers of mine, from my work on a doctoral thesis, on philosophical and psychological aspects of interval orders, a mathematical concept (theory of measurement). One of these papers was published in 2006.

History: However, a grant for the thesis ended without the thesis being finished; so I had to work on other fields, fortunately they fitted my interests as well and led to other publications of mine or to which I contributed. The new focus was history: history of proof theory, of logic, of set theory, of astronomy. I became engaged in critical editions and in software to typeset them.

TeX: This especially meant that I developed an own TeX macro package for typesetting critical editions. In order to make a paper on typesetting critical editions with TeX easier, I took over maintenance of another macro package with more general application. This encouraged me to “write” and release more and more packages (utilities — this is my own list of them with my own one-line descriptions).

This introduction tries to explain what you can find on this web site, some links to other pages here are embedded. You also can browse the site by the links in the column on the left.

One purpose of the site is to tell you whether I could be of service for you, especially as a TeX consultant.

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